Off I go – Rehabilitation Time

Just a quick update – I got a spot in very good clinic that specializes in neurology and will check in today for at least 3 weeks. The Schmieder Klinik is in the very South of Germany at the Swiss border in the picturesque village of Gailingen am Hochrhein. Not sure what to expect as I have never been in a rehab program but what I heard about it, it must be great – and most of all, get me back up to speed and “heal” the psychological damage caused by the MS diagnosis. Still not sure if theinsurance will cause issues, but I deal with it another time and just go now and claim expenses later ( again, insurance is a different chapter 🙂 )

I picture Club Med meets hospital meets summer camp, but we will see – I can’twait to finally start working on an improvement and get ready for a life with MS. They offer all kinds of therapies from aqua, physio, dance etc. and I hope to meet fellow MS patients and specialists to get further information on the topic as I got no and am still a newbie. Searching the web on it only drives you crazy.

OK, time to pack – I really hope they got wifi there, still need to get a German mobile but will also have a single room with own landline in case you want to call, will send you the number/ address if you PM me on Facebook.

Have a nice day,


One thought on “Off I go – Rehabilitation Time

  1. i know about a ms center in munich, next to viktualienmarkt. haven’t searched the net yet but if they aren’t online let me konw and i try to pick up as much information i can get and send it to you. just let me know!

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