The making of the “Million Euro Woman”

I always thought you are supposed to rest and relax during a rehab program – turns out, it’s the opposite. All patients are constantly on the run from session to session and it really does feel like a sporty Club Med as all you see are tanned, smiling people in sport outfits no matter what condition they are in. I even woke up to the sound of Nordic walking sticks this morning as they start as early as 6 AM to get everything in one day.

I had my intake examination first thing yesterday and the prognosis looks good – but again, MS has 1000 faces. My program is based on sports and psychological sessions and I got to know more about drug treatment for the first time – I will be a “Million Euro Woman” if I life for another 40 years, that covers only the daily basic meds and I honestly had no idea how expensive these drugs are.

I’d rather have no MS and the money instead 😉 Yay!

Not to mention that I might need to inject the Meds myself 3 times a week…I really really hope and believe that thanks to research meds will get better and easier to use.

I am worried about the medication as the side effects must be horrendous – there is even one pill that requires you to stay in intensive care for the first days as it completely slows down your heartbeat.

Well, I am still super positive – probably I am just pushing it all far far away, but that’s ok for now, I have enough time to worry about MS the next weeks, if at all. I just want to move on, like I always do.

I also never asked myself why I got MS ( one of the questions during the intake) – some people get diabetes, cancer or other things, I got MS. End of story. I am not a “why” person by nature, I just accept it and deal with it. “Why” is a dangerous word and it’s easy to get stuck in it and let life pass. Not me and there is no answer. Destiny. One day I’ll know.

#Accept and overcome like Jack Osbourne would say.

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