I “celebrated” my 33rd birthday today in rehab, got my MS diagnosis 3 weeks ago and will start to inject myself 3 weekly shots of Rebif ( did I mention I hate injections and needles?!?) as of next week.
3 is the lucky number of the day and so am I.
Lucky to have great friends, the most supportive and loving family and a partner that even makes Prince Charming look like a loser.

These 3 weeks have been the longest and weirdest, it feels more like months.
I learned and feel that I miss the “buffer” around my nerves – stress is more stressful, same with bad stuff, sadness etc – but it also has something really good as all positive things happening make me even happier and stronger than ever before.
Today, I feel blessed to have so many people in my life that care about me – that is the best gift. Gosh, now I could cry a little ( oh yes, that happens quite a lot lately, because of all these wonderful things in life ) – just wanted to say thank you! Wish I could have celebrated with all of you 🙂


2 thoughts on “33-3-3

  1. You look great Anja! I am glad to read that you had a nice birthday 🙂 and of course “a partner that even makes Prince Charming look like a loser”, it is very rare, but once again, you would probably make Cinderella look like a looser too 😉



  2. You’re going to do great Anja!! I have been on Rebif for 10 years and everything is wonderful – blood work comes back completely normal, so I am having no side effects. Remember your exercise, diet and lifestyle in general is going to play a huge role. Your mind is a very powerful tool – take this disease down the road where you want to go – life is good and only more good can come to you! Smile! 🙂 Nicole

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