stormy day


…I hope so, but I wish I wouldn’t need deeper roots at all. I wish I could just wake up and be “fine”again but this will never happen…I went through so much pain since my diagnosis 8 weeks ago and wonder if this still is RRMS as I just finished my second Solu Medrol round and feel worse than ever. Will it ever get better?!?!

Horrible day in general, first day at home and the solu side effects are hitting me hard ( oh yeah, fluid retention, lovely, hate this one the most). Could deal with it all but not with the brain fart and intellect issues, I have trouble thinking clearly, grammar issues, language issues ( I usually use/speak/ write 3 languages daily, German, English and Dutch – what a mess as I even can’t start a normal sentence ) and could not cross a street all by myself. So glad my mum is with me as I would really be lost at the moment. I just can’t do anything but lie down due to the dizziness and lack of energy…But I know I am not alone, there are 2,5 Mio other MS patients out there and so many friends thinking of me. It just sucks so so bad today…I am supposed to go for short walks and get fresh air but do feel so insecure out there – will try again tomorrow. And the day after…

2 thoughts on “stormy day

  1. Well, I have the same problem. I took cortichoesteroids and hidrxichloroquine everyday (and other pills too), and my body had to adapt to this bomb of medicines, even sometimes this adaptation is a mess. My only advise: take a long breath and have patient with your body. Have a nice day.
    amarcadia 🙂

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