RebiSmart in a new suit :)

Isn’t it cute?
I decided to get a tiny kids suitcase for my RebiSmart & equipment to give it a nice home πŸ™‚ I hope it will also make it less scary, even thinking about customizing the RebiSmart itself.

I finally got new Rebif injections delivered, only took 4 docs, 10 pharmacy visits and the entire MS team at the VU hospital to arrange it – plus at least 10h of my time and lots of nerves. Now I am good to go for 3 months and hope the next time will be easier. You cannot order the Rebif for the RebiSmart at the pharmacy, it needs to be ordered via ONE pharmacy service close to the German border and they deliver it to your house ( well, they forgot to deliver last Saturday, luckily I had one shot left).

I also got the medical passport, finally, to make sure I can take it with me on a flight. I must admit that I put it in my checked in bag the last time and yes, I know this is a nono, but I was scared they won’t let me through security with it – plus it was only a 40 min flight. There are so many new things to think about, I also got no clue how to take it along on a longer vacation as the unused injections need to be cooled. Oh well, booooring for non sick people, but this is what I am thinking about, it’s like learning to live in a new world.

For the rest – killer headaches for the past 36h and I know they will stop this afternoon BUT it’s Rebif Wednesday which means they ll start tonight again and it will be the same game on Friday…can’t wait for Sunday and Monday, lately the only days I can live πŸ™‚ Spent yesterday on the couch, closed all curtains as light makes things worse and did hardly move. Really, these headaches are the worst thing I am dealing with at the moment, can live with no feeling and the MS symptoms etc, but once you can’t think straight or do anything, that just sucks.



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