Rebif Update


Just returning from my follow up appointment at the MS Center. Unfortunately they can’t tell me when I will feel better but they do like my new Anja relax regime and the yoga part ( post will follow shortly).
My main concern is the headaches – 3 days a week I am completely out due to excruciating pain and can only survive in a dark, quiet room. My neurologist also thinks that it’s caused by the Rebif as it’s a quiet common side effect. He actually suggested to stop with it to find out if my headaches disappear. I never expected such an honest and contra drugs conversation – but he said chances of another relapse decrease only by 1/3 if I take it but my life quality obviously suffers a lot. What an eye opener as I never see it. I am still sick and not working but also couldn’t have a normal life with these headaches.
Hah, I always forget that this is all long term…Of course I am scared to stop with Rebif so we made a deal, I ll try it for 4 more weeks and then we decide.
The problem is the alternative as, even though I had already a relapse I do not qualify for escalation drugs in Holland, the insurance wouldn’t pay for Gilenya. Actually sad as I wonder how bad one must feel before they get it.
One thing is for sure – I can’t do daily injections with Copaxone. Last weeks injections took several hours each and a million tears, I don’t want that daily.
Actually a hazzle for “only” 1/3 of a chance…

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