The yoga experiment


Shocking but true, I gave yoga another chance.
Some of you know how much I “love” yoga (not) but deep inside I know why I disliked it all the time – the “let go of everything” part and relaxation that could occur. I am a control freak and always used to be a very active person. Last year, before all the MS stuff started, I went to a lovely surf and yoga retreat to Bali and loved every minute of it – except the yoga, but I gave it a chance, just to skip it the following days for more surfing instead 🙂

Well, as I am at the moment everything but an active, fit person and reading incredible stories about yoga and MS, I decided to give it another shot. Can’t hurt, right?
Due to my lack of fitness I went 4 times last week and must admit, I really enjoyed the Yin Yoga. The instructor must have a special sense as she helped me during the first session with some right arm adjustments – maybe she noticed right away something is odd there as she spent many years working in rehab centers. Yin Yoga is more like stretching, as a beginner you keep your body in one asana for 5 min and the pros for anything between 10- 20 mins. The asanas can be easily adapted and I am sure everyone can do it. My favorite one is the very last one in the picture above 🙂

My body is okish at the moment but it’s my monkey mind that causes frustration during the sessions, it just never shuts up. Once relaxed on the floor it keeps me busy with everything around, the guy breathing too loud in the last row, the garbage trucks outside, some odd noise in the music, the scent of the incense sticks, lunch ideas, chicken or beef – just everything!

After the third session I finally had a break through, silence in my head and an unknown, odd feeling inside of me and on my mind…I guess I did let go and relaxed and just when I had this thought, the control freak started to panic as I didn’t know what was going on. I honestly think I was hardly ever relaxed in my life before as I did not know what happened in that moment and I am the worst when it comes to “let go”. But it felt nice, very nice actually and I am confident I can improve over the next weeks.
My plan is to visit the yoga school at least 3 times a week and as of next week I also want to add a bit of swimming, at least try to get some fitness back in this body.

“Normal” yoga, even a beginners class, is not possible yet. I went to one but it requires way more strengths – 90 mins of class and this lady had to nap for 3h…maybe in 2,3,4 weeks 🙂

So long, namaste!

One thought on “The yoga experiment

  1. Love your stories. This one made me laugh quite loud! You are very good at writing (among all the other things you are good at – so jealous). The last position is also my favourite and I could definitely recognize the “controle freak” syndrom and the difficulty to relax. You are very impressive Anja!

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