It’s a good day!


Finally a good day, the first one in 10 days.

Lately good days are rare, so this means a lot to me. Unfortunately I don’t use them very wisely. Instead of doing something fun and for my soul, I tend to do the things I can’t do on the bad days – laundry, vacuum cleaning, tidying up, stocking up on water and basic groceries for the next bad days as I never know when it hits me again.

It’s like a prep day after a hurricane warning, you want to get all things done to feel as comfy as possible during the stormy days.

I have of course friends that offered me help doing groceries and do have a lovely cleaning lady – but as this is a part of normal life I wanna do it by myself as nothing else is normal anymore.
I should slow down though as I usually do too much on a good day and try to go for a coffee or some outisde social activity instead.
Put on some make-up and “normal” clothes and try to enjoy the day.
It’s been really too long and you know you’re in trouble when your load of laundry consists of “loungewear”, sweatpants and PJs only. Oh boy!
No, I won’t waste my good day and try something different today, get dressed, go outside and have some fun.
But it’s really weird to look fine and normal – the way I feel most days I should have green and purple glow in the dark skin ( or better, glittering like crystal skin as Team Edward 😉 ) and unfortunately this is the picture I have in my head. I am not very comfortable anymore in crowds and feel as if everybody stares. Of course no one does but I guess this is a side effect of an “invisible” illness.

I am slowly turning into a shy hermit – me! In the past I used to be the opposite and today is the day for an intervention. I just need to try and stop this new and stupid behavior. 12 hours left until I got to use the “Green Hornet” again for happy Fridays’ injection and I am going to make the best of it.

Carpe diem…and no sweatpants today 🙂

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