Let food be thy medicine – Paleo cook off

Today is the third good day in a row and thanks to the wonderful weather in Amsterdam ( not! ), I decided to have a little Paleo cook-off afternoon.

It’s week 6 since I switched my entire diet to Paleo and the for MS  recommended restrictions – all gluten, corn, dairy,legumes ( basically all kind of beans) as well as nightshades such as tomatoes, eggplant, chili, peppers are off my food plan.

Some might wonder what’s left to eat –  I can tell you, so so much!

The only hard thing was the tomatoes and chili peppers. Bye bye beloved chili con carne… all products should be grown as biological as possible, wild fish and the beef should be grass fed only in the best case. Of course, processed food, sweetener, sugar and any kind of similar chemical shit storm is not allowed.

According to several doctors I have asked about a change of diet told me that there is no proof that it will improve the MS symptoms – however, proof is out there. Dr. Terry Wahls, who has PPMS, even made it out of her wheelchair again. Enough proof for me and hey, it can’t hurt. If you suffer from MS yourself or you just want to know more about really good food, you should definitely check out her website and book. Amazing.

OK, I turned into a little health nut as I kind of studied a lot about food and nutrition the past weeks but will not judge 🙂

So, what’s left to eat if you follow the Paleo lifestyle?


If you got curious, just google for Paleo or check out my favorite site, PaleOMG.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”  Hippocrates

Bon Appetit!

3 thoughts on “Let food be thy medicine – Paleo cook off

    1. Thx Michelle, looooved them! There is so much more to try out, I don’t even know where to start 🙂 Just on your site getting hungry again, thx for the great recipe ideas! Regards from Amsterdam, Anja

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