Finally some time for a new blog entry!
I am busy 24/7 since my puppy Ruby moved in with us end of November, but more about her later. Ruby deserves an own entry and she improves my daily life in so many ways.

2013, the new year…I am not a NYE person anyway and this year was no exception. Well, I am certainly glad 2012 is over but also scared as a new year means another “good” year is gone.
And statistically there are not that many years left before I could reach the next stage of MS.
NYE with a deteriorating illness is no fun because you know it will most likely just get worse each year.
On the other hand it also means HOPE as there will be new drugs and treatments available and I do believe there will be a cure one day. One day…

My wishes for 2013:
– NO DRAMA this year 😉
– health and no additional worries for my family and friends
– no new lesions in my brain or spine
– healing ( according to my neurologist I need another 6-12 months to recover from my flare up summer)
– less fatigue
– time for my blog and yoga 😉
– the energy to start a new, different kind of career
– joy, fun, happy days and good times
– a cold summer or an a/c
– BG-12
– move back to Germany ( Munich area) and find a quiet place with garden, close to a forest and lake, get a small SUV ( for Ruby:) )
– learn how to relax as this is still not working
– find and try alternative treatments
– stop thinking too much

Wishing you all a fab& awesome 2013!



2 thoughts on “2013

  1. My wish for you in 2013:
    Believe the good things doctors (and friends!) tell you, don’t believe the bad things, very important! MS feeds itself on pessimistic attitude. The more pessimisic you are, the worse MS will get!!

    Liebe Grüße!

    Iris Nicola

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