time flies…

It‘s been 17 months since my last blog post and a lot has happened, so I want to start with a general update and what I‘ve been up to.


My overall HEALTH has improved and kind of stabilised. The latest MRI in October 2014 didn’t show new lesions and they‘re all behaving nicely at the moment but I did have one very scary moment last spring when I woke up and couldn’t hear in one ear. Luckily it only lasted for about 48 hours but I still experience weird hearing issues every now and then for a few seconds.

Although I never experienced optic neuritis I got some issues with my eyes on a daily basis, especially if I look from side to side or enter a bright room, supermarkets are the worst. It‘s a stabbing pain that goes along with foggy vision and/or black/ white spots. Not very pleasant but luckily it only lasts for a few seconds.

My hands and arms are fabulous again and I guess I also got more feeling in my body. I say I guess because I noticed we all get used to certain symptoms if they hang around long enough. It‘s weird but I can‘t remember how I felt “before”.

However, every time I do too much, the old arm and hand symptoms return for a few hours and also my right foot and leg decide to join that party.

I finally switched from Rebif to Tecfidera, the best thing that has happened to me in the past year 🙂 No more Rebif side effects which I experienced almost every time after the injection and cost me a day to recover from. It honestly feels like a new life and it‘s so convenient to take a pill twice a day. I didn’t experience any side effects with Tecfidera yet.

I have finally learned how to deal with the daily MS craziness. If you have just been diagnosed it can be quite scary as although I would say I‘m fine at the moment, I do have a variety of symptoms throughout the day. I learned to remain calm and know what‘s happening to my body in certain situations.


My main issue still is FATIGUE and that got worse, maybe because I‘m also more active ( trying to leave my cave more often for social outings and exercise a lot) .     Oh boy, if you could only feel how fatigue feels for a minute…that said, I usually sleep 2-3 hours every afternoon but it doesn’t help a lot. All things that require focus and concentration need to be finished before noon – basically my entire day needs to happen before that deadline.

That‘s also the main reason why I can‘t WORK, I‘m still 100% incapable of work and even got my pensioners card, yay – not. You can imagine how that feels but I learned to accept it and who knows, maybe things will change in the future.


I also changed my DIET 17 months ago and now follow OMS by Dr. Jelinek – so no more meat, dairy, fats except EVOO, processed or fried food etc.  It helped my body tremendously and I also see my nutritionist/ orthomolecular therapist on a regular basis. I will explain more about it in a future post but please remember, what works for me might not work for you as we are all so different. I would definitely recommend trying different diets for at least 4 weeks and find out what might help you.

EXERCISE…not an easy one if you feel tired all the time or if you‘re physically challenged  but it has to happen. I‘m not going to the gym anymore but started getting more and more equipment  for my own indoor gym aka the living room and loving it! It gives me more flexibility and saves me precious (travel) time. I love HIIT , mainly because of the short training sessions 😉 Once I mastered the beginner HIIT sessions, I treated myself to a (pink) Lebert Equalizer and don’t want to miss it anymore. There are tons of free HIIT trainings available online and you can use water bottles as weights, chairs etc if you don’t have any equipment, that‘s how I started. Last but not least I walk at least 10.000 steps a day thanks to my dog Ruby.


Enough for today – it feels good to be back on my blog and to write again 🙂

Have a nice Friday, x


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