Punch fear in the face

One thing we all have in common is fear.

Fear comes in many forms and can take over the way you live your life. Some worry that they are not good enough, others would like to change their career but fear is holding them back. If you ever got your heart broken you might experience  fear of opening up to a new relationship.

In my first year after the diagnosis I feared every new day as I wasn’t sure what it‘ll bring and I pictured the worst case scenario 24/7. I stayed home most of the time worrying and entered the vicious fear cycle.

Until one day I realised the most important thing to overcome my fear of the future – no one knows what tomorrow  brings! We can‘t control our life and what is happening to us. I could still be doing fine and be fabulous in 50 years and need to start living again instead of worrying. I feel “free“ again and promised myself not to worry about tomorrow, today is what counts. It‘s out of our hands what will happen to us and we should make the best out of each day and be thankful for the chance we get.

You‘re thinking about a career move – don’t wait, do it! Not sure if you should open up to a new relationship – do it, with all your heart! We often fear the things we want the most, do your best and learn to let go.


Take a leap of faith as otherwise you might just miss the chance of your life.

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