What fatigue looks like ( don’t call the fashion police)

fatigue outfit

No, I didn’t run away with the circus although that seems like a nice thing to do.

This is the ugly, unstylish face of fatigue when you just don’t care how you run/ sleep around the house.

The sweater worked fine for my brunch meeting outfit but who wants to sleep in jeans? So once I made it home, sleep-walking style,  I grabbed the first pair of comfy pants aka sweatpants I found next to my bed.

My old self was about to call the fashion police for this faux pas, but new self couldn’t care less as it needed to sleep asap. Survival mode. Letting go of your ego. Laugh at yourself more often. I certainly did, especially when the postman rang…

Six hours later and I’m still in my crazy outfit, in my crazy world, still in sleep-walking mode – no shame, that’s fatigue. It’s ok.

Tomorrow is a new day.

I would love to see your crazy fatigue outfits! Let’s start a competition on Twitter/ Instagram/ Facebook with #fatigueoutfit !

P.S. : I will watch the spring/summer 2016 fashion shows very closely, in case someone steals my great combination


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