My daily supplements


Wow, it looks quite impressive to see all my supplements in one picture, but it’s part of my daily routine and I don’t want to miss it.

Let’s begin with the left row – my green smoothie section. I always start my day with a HUGE green smoothie, it’s also my breakfast and so good for you! I usually add 2-3 cups of kale/ spinach, 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple, 1 banana, a scoop Sunwarrior chocolate protein, hemp seeds, chia seeds, linseeds, bee pollen, flaxseed oil and water/ almond or brown rice milk. Depending on the season I also use lots of fresh berries or add matcha, wheatgrass, maca for an extra energy boost.

On the right are the more generic supplements I take according to the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis diet and recommendations. 400 mg magnesium, 100 mcg (4000 IE) vitamin D3, chlorella and 2000 mcg vitamin B12.

In the middle are my “personalised” supplements as I also work with an orthomolecular therapist who is also my nutritionist – I just want to make sure I feed this body the best way possible and give it everything it needs to fight MS. As the gut is basically your immune system, you know you got to fix something in this area if you developed MS or other chronic illnesses. It takes time but now, after working with her for 1,5 years, I finally see improvements. How? I send in a stool sample every 3 months that screens everything going on in my gut and we adjust the supplements according to the results. On top of that she also checks my blood during each appointment to see if I get enough vitamin D etc., very fascinating as she does it with a special microscope right in front of me and even I can see and tell the difference.

So, detox seems to be very important to fix my gut trouble. I start my daily detox regime with a juniper syrup, end it with artichoke syrup and take cat’s claw extract twice a day.

The other issue is my stomach’s PH level which is way too low. In order to help my stomach digest food, I take a special enzyme with every warm/ bigger meal and probiotics in the evening.

Sounds overwhelming, but it’s not, am on autopilot when it comes to my supplements 🙂

Happy “supplementing”!

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