Self-experiment #3/ 2015: Row row row your boat

A new month, a new self-experiment.

As I really want to stick to my 2015 sporty plan, I decided to give rowing a try. I see people rowing everyday, Amsterdam is the perfect city for it due to its many canals and especially the river Amstel.

Thanks to self-experiment #2 I passed a local rowing center on one of my runs and noticed they have an open day coming up and I signed up for it right away. I can tell you, it was fun! We had a quick intro in their training pool about how to board the boat ( NOT easy as there are only a few tiny spots you’re allowed to step on) and the different positions of the oar.

After 10 minutes the 4 of us got the real experience on the river Amstel, it was quite chaotic in the beginning but we managed to row a few meters straight and felt like Olympic winners 😉 I guess everyone on board liked it a lot as we all signed up for their 8 weeks beginners course. It’s a rather large rowing center and I was surprised to find out that they had 900 (!) participants in their last beginners course, unbelievable! But it also shows how popular rowing is, it’s a sport for all ages and has both aerobic and anaerobic benefits. You basically train your condition and get a full workout at the same time as rowing uses lots of different muscles.

I really felt it in my right thigh, almost got a cramp but I wonder if it was from the rowing itself or from my attempt not to slip off of that sliding seat. Running tights and that slippery sliding seat don’t go together, will try other pants today during my first class 😉

It didn’t feel very exhausting but it must have been as the 10-15 min of rowing knocked me out for the rest of the day in a really, really bad way. That’s my only concern, that it might be too much and I don’t seem to feel it while doing it. It’s a new kind of exercise to me and I need to find out how many “energy points” I need by trial and error. Then there’s peer pressure as it’s a 4 person boat and I’m still so damn competitive and wouldn’t give up or tell the instructor that it’s too much for me. I also don’t get muscle aches anymore which is so weird. When I started running again I expected to get muscle aches the first days or at least feel a bit uncomfortable – but nothing at all, no matter what I do.

That worries me a bit but I guess that’s just another MS advantage in sports 😉

Need to get ready now – watch this post, I will update it later on how my first class went. Fingers crossed!



It went well! Didn’t go overboard and we even rowed more than 4km during the first class. Loved it and am sharing the boat with 3 other nice ladies and an instructor that looks just like SATC Samantha’s Smith 😉 What else could you ask for!

Still no muscle aches though, not the slightest bit which worries me at times…but well, I don’t want to complain about that. Looking forward to next Monday!

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