Running update, 7 days to go!

The countdown has begun!

Only one more week until the 5k charity run that supports the Dutch foundation MS Research and the VUmc MS Center where I’m a patient and they do an amazing job.

What started as a crazy idea definitely took over the past weeks. It feels as if everything I do right now is running 🙂 Unfortunately I didn’t have a long time to train and this “new” body of mine would be happy to have a few days extra until the run. I still can’t run the entire distance but even with my 2-3 walking breaks I should be able to finish within the time limit.

My biggest problem is my competitive side that makes me want to run further and faster each time and I definitely pushed too hard. As I don’t feel sore muscles or any kind of discomfort I ran without allowing my body a recovery day way too often and paid the price for it last week. Starting the rowing class while training for that run also wasn’t one of my brightest ideas as rowing needs about 50 spoons 🙂  It was ugly and very scary as my fatigue reached a point where I felt physically ill and I couldn’t do a thing. My right foot acts up more often and the numbness moves from the foot all the way up to my knee at times.  I spent the past 3 days on the couch doing as little as possible and am finally feeling better. Just in time for my rowing class this morning, lol.

Old Anja wants to run 3 times this week but maybe I should really rest in between, take it easy and make it only 2. I just want to make it over the finish line in one piece and need  to accept that I won’t make my old 5k time. Yet.

Luckily two lovely friends will run with me as part of the team and I’m sure we’ll have a great time next Monday. At least we got great team shirts 😉

tshirt front

tshirt backI still need to work on my fundraising skills though, my goal is to get  500,00 E donated by next Sunday, April 6 2015, the donation deadline. If you live in the Netherlands and/ or have a Dutch bank account you can help Stichting MS Research getting a step closer to find a cure as research is very expensive.

If you want to help me and my fellow 2.5 million MS warriors around the world, we’re happy for any donation, every Euro counts. Please visit the donation page if you want to support Stichting MS Research. Thank you!

Have a great week, now off to rowing class!


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