The devil is in the detail – running essentials

Today is the big day, at 2 PM CET I’m going to run the 5k for the MS Research foundation, wohoo!

And that’s the first tiny problem as I usually sleep at 2 PM. I thought about it last night and realised there’s so much more to it than training. Did my body recover well enough since my last run and did I sleep enough? I sure hope so. Running with MS is not only a challenge in terms of training and condition, the devil’s in the detail.

Luckily, there are ways to cheat on the devil 😉

running essentials

  • Cooling vest

The weather plays a HUGE role. As I’m super heat sensitive a sunny and/or warm day would be a nightmare and by warm I mean anything above 20 degrees C – and that’s even tough without working out. I can tell and feel once the temperature hits the 20 degrees mark and believe me, working out is the last thing on my mind on one of these days. That also means  I won’t be able to run during the summer months, except if I would get up in the middle of the night ( luckily it looks like we’ll have another cold and wet summer, yay! )  Thanks to my cooling vest I can trick the weather devil for a couple of hours. I even managed to walk around  the Medina of Marrakesh comfortably during a heat wave that reached 44 degrees during my vacation last May.

  • Bluetooth earbuds

I can’t have any distraction while running ( also pre MS) and always HATED the crazy headphone cable business, grrr. I must admit that I was a bit sceptical at first if these earbuds would actually stay in my ear – but they fit perfectly and are super comfortable. As I can’t feel or tell how fast ( well, slow) I run, music helps me to keep my pace.

  • Running belt

For the same reason as the bluetooth earbuds – I HATE stuff like keys, phone etc. bouncing around in my pockets. This running belt is made of neoprene, fits comfortably and there is absolutely no bouncing at all. It’s big enough to fit in my IPhone, keys, tissues and money for the essential post workout drink ( slow pressed juice that is 😉 )

  • Lock Laces

Wow, where to start…I should have known about the lock laces when the fine motor skills in my hands didn’t work! They come in all kinds of colors and options. Now I use them to avoid tripping over my own shoelace while running ( yes, that happened before) as I need to minimize risk and distraction.

It’s still cool & cloudy outside and if I manage to squeeze in a cheeky siesta before the run, everything should be fine.

At least I tricked the devil, in my case MS, once more! Fingers crossed! x

One thought on “The devil is in the detail – running essentials

  1. Hi Anja
    So how was it ? I hope you enjoyed ! Anyway you should be proud of yourself ! And I do, a beautiful lesson of Life …

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