rowing #fail



My self-experiment #3, rowing, failed BIG time.

It was really fun the first 3-4 sessions but then it got all too much and my body failed me once we really started to row longer distances without any breaks. Unfortunately it’s a synched team sport, so I couldn’t just take a break and pushed myself way too hard the last 2 trainings to keep up with the team. I never felt pain like this ever before, from my toes to my head! It felt as if my body, especially my legs, were on fire and I could barely make it out of the boat after we finished 8k. Not to mention the HUGE blister I got on on my hand, I didn’t sign up for this! I felt physically sick after the last rowing training and it took me 3 days of rest (!) to recover from it. Just thinking of it makes me feel sick again, what a nightmare. Grrrr.

 I guess I got a little bit too optimistic as running works out so well and rowing, well, is just the complete opposite, a disaster. Self destruction in my case as you don’t want to know how I feel and live during the recovery days, I switch into survival mode.

I decided it’s not worth it as it’s just too hard and will skip the last training session of the course. BAM. I just love myself more and need to accept that rowing is something I simply can’t do. It sure is a hit as I feel sick and different for the first time in months due to the fact that none of the other rowers there seem to have these issues, even the elderly.  

I also question all these studies that say exercise will help with the fatigue, ha! So far, I’m just more tired and exhausted. I might run 5-6k but need to sleep an extra hour in the afternoon ( on top of my 2 hour siesta ) and on a bad day, sleep right after the run. I must belong to the “other” group in the study, but not giving up hope yet.

No more team sports for me at this point, I need to be able to listen to my body and really don’t want to be in the position again to push myself too hard to keep up with others. Except beer pong 🙂


2 thoughts on “rowing #fail

  1. Poor Anja… Hope you are better now! May I suggest Pétanque or Chess (both are considered as sport) and less muscle energy consuming

    1. but I still need to focus and think which costs almost as much energy 🙂 But yes, petanque sounds like a fun idea! Thanks Elina, have a nice weekend!

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