Social Media Detox

I finally did it!

After weeks of hesitation, I just deleted Facebook and its Messenger from my iPhone.

My day is simply not long enough and I realised that mobile social media is a waste of my time. It’s my own fault, I usually start my day on Facebook and it’s the last thing I check before I fall asleep – plus the countless times in between. What do I get out of it? 99% of the time nothing, it doesn’t add any value to my life. It’s just stupid behavior, especially in my case as my productive time is very limited due to fatigue and I waste half of that on my iPhone. That’s the reason why I can’t blog or update my blog’s Facebook page more regularly, because I waste that precious time.

I miss out on so much as I’m very often not in the present moment. I can’t even watch TV without checking my phone every now and then. Crazy!  It gets even more tricky if you’re stuck at home all day as Facebook is my only connection to my “old life” and friends around the world, that’s the reason why I won’t delete my personal account.

I also decided to call more often as WhatsApp is another time killer. Why would we waste minutes typing instead of a quick call? Especially as calling is free these days? I must admit I hardly ever use my phone for calls, I only speak to my parents and 2 of my best friends on a regular basis, that’s it. Crazy! So no more WhatsApp novels from now on.

I’m sooo done with it, I want to live in the present and be “here” again.

It’ll be hard the first days/ weeks, but definitely worth it. Luckily I’m going to spend the summer in Germany (visiting my mum) and won’t have 4G on my phone without paying roaming fees, that should make things a bit more easy.

My social media detox action plan

  1. Delete Facebook and its Messenger on my iPhone and change notification settings for WhatsApp, Twitter etc – (almost) done, the only sound I want to hear is a call
  2. Allocate time for personal social media ( only using the iPad / laptop) This will be a very tricky one – let’s see if I can stick to one dedicated time slot a week, a Facebook power hour
  3. No WhatsApp/ text novels – call instead
  4. Leave my phone in another room more often, it’s not part of my body and doesn’t need to sleep next to me 😉
  5. Spend more time on my blog ( incl. its Facebook page and Twitter account )

Only five action points, should be doable but I know it’s going to be harder than it looks. To be honest, I wanted to start my social media detox last Saturday, that’s when I started with this post…oh boy, this is not going to be easy at all.

I need this additional time and I hate how stressed out social media makes me feel at times, really curious to find out if I can feel more relaxed without it.

Enough for today, time to “be present”.

5 thoughts on “Social Media Detox

  1. I totally totally agree! I get so annoyed with myself for wasting so much of my time obsessively (and pointlessly) scrolling through various social media! I might try to detox alongside you 😉

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