Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Garth McLean

As you might know by now, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad. Lately, so many things seem to fall in place and make a bit more sense, it’s almost scary.

One of these things is… yoga. Yes.
I started Iyengar yoga at the end of September as a restorative exercise to compliment my personal trainer/ weight-training self-experiment ( that’s why I’ve been so quiet, made even more drastic changes to my life and focused 100% on it ). I’ve heard of Iyengar yoga before as it’s highly recommended for MS patients. If required, it uses quite a lot of props so every patient can benefit, no matter how mobile or flexibel you are. But I wanted to know more about it, wanted to know why it’s so beneficial, googled and came across Garth McLean, a very inspiring, LA based Iyengar yoga instructor living with MS – just like me, he only really started to practise yoga after his MS diagnosis in 1996. I visited his website and checked the workshop section just to find out he’ll be in Europe for a series of workshops this fall and guess what – one weekend workshop listed was not so far away, in the pretty city of Utrecht ( 20 min train ride). What a coincidence, crazy!  Of course, I signed up right away ( although, I wouldn’t mind a trip to LA for a yoga workshop 😉 ) and today is THE day, the first out of three 2h workshops with Garth is tonight, yay! I’m so curious what I’ll learn! Plus I’ve never been to a real Iyengar yoga studio with all its ropes, chairs, etc. as I practise in my gym with the usual props. So excited to meet Garth, Hiske and the lovely team at iYoga and all the other participants as I heard there are a few, if not all, also living with MS.

Time to clean my yoga mat and prepare for the weekend as this is quite a routine breaker which means I need to be super organised or I’ll forget essential stuff like food 🙂

Will let you know how it went, check out Garths’ inspiring story and how he beats MS with yoga only

I especially love what he was told by Iyengar himself, so true!

“Everyday you must walk that line between COURAGE and CAUTION.”

“Work slowly and exercise patience.”

BKS Iyengar

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