Dr. Joe Dispenza – Progressive Workshop

6 weeks ago I attended  Dr. Joe’s lecture on his book “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. I had no idea who he was or what it’s all about but as you know, I’m open to all kind of alternative healing methods so I gave it a go. Can’t hurt, can it? WOW. I was so impressed that I signed up for his progressive workshop here in Amsterdam, right there, on my iPhone, while listening to him. That evening changed a lot as I was introduced to the topics of  neuroplasticity and epigenetics.

Too make a long story short, 95% of our disease are caused by stress. Stress raised the cortisol level and the immune system goes down. Our genes get downgraded (luckily we can also upgrade them ourselves, just finished Deepak Chopra’s book Super Genes which is also fascinating!) . Tata, her comes the disease. Unfortunately most of us live by stress, we’re even addicted to it. Ever since I can remember, I needed that kick to finish something last minute, otherwise I wouldn’t do a thing at all.

This statement made me think about the power of our mind

 “If your thoughts can make you sick, then can your thoughts make you well?”

Dr. Joe Dispenza

How come some people heal themselves from disease? Shrink their tumors? Be in remission forever? Completely heal themselves after terrible accidents like Dr. Joe did?

I know it clicked in my head about 1,5 years ago, I decided to take action and today I’m in a much better place and even improved. Our bodies are actually build to repair themselves, we just need to give them a chance and support them in the best way possible by reducing stress and environmental factors that influence the process in a negative way.

If this statement wouldn’t be true, then how is it possible that people on a placebo start feeling better or even get cured?  Positive thinking alone isn’t enough, you need to have a clear intention and attach an (elevated) emotion to it, live as it has already happened to you. Create a new personal reality. Every day. We’ve all done it at some point, I bet you once had a great, fabulous experience but at the same time you kind of knew that it would happen way  before it did, right? You pictured that outcome.

Last weekend, July 1-3 2016, I attended his progressive workshop which mainly focused on the different meditation techniques used. It was interesting to see that really all kind of people attended the workshop which took place in a beautiful old church that is also used for events nowadays – and only 900m from my house which was a bonus!

I already did an 8 hour online class and read his books “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” and  “You are the Placebo” – I can definitely recommend these as he also explains the science behind it in an easy way. I wish I would have had a math or physics teacher like him, I bet I would have made a great scientist! Dr. Joe is also a scientist who loves to measure things, so in the advanced workshops attendees get brain scans, heart rate monitors, EEGs and all kind of tests to prove the positive effect of the meditations. He shared quite a few tests results with us and especially the EEGs amazed me, I’ve never seen anything like it as some attendees reached a brain wave activity that looked, after minutes of total crazy activity, like they flatlined – however, the actual results were too high for the EEG machine to measure!  I spare you the details as it sounds very crazy if you’ve never heard of it but I met some of these people who cured themselves from all kind of disease, some even after only  3-4 meditations – and I listened to quite a few conversations in the line for the bathroom 😉

I always thought I can’t meditate (see what my thoughts do here?!?! EVERYONE can meditate!) , I tried several times last week and checked out around 15 min into the meditation. Boo. The monkey mind. The first meditation during this workshop lasted 45 min and I completely lost track of time, my body and my environment – exactly what you’re supposed to do to truly live in the now and work on your future.

We’re all stuck in the past – is it because someone hurt us, a trauma, anger, frustration, you name it. All of these experienced emotions are hard-wired in our brain, that’s why we need to create a new mind and recondition our body. Also our habits are holding us back, doing the same things over and over again, that’s why it’s so important to shake things up  a little and create new experiences which means new brain connections. If you’re stuck in the past, you can’t be in the now. So there’s lots of work and forgiveness required which we worked on during the meditations on day 1.

Day 1 was great but what happened on day 2 really blew my mind, I can’t even describe in words how it felt but I’ll try… a bit like I was pulled out of my body and there was nothing left around me except warm and not scary infinite darkness, surrounded by pure bliss and joy. I had no idea these things and experiences can already happen after only a few meditations and using different kind of techniques.

I cried the first happy tears in years, probably even the most joyful tears ever in my life. I cannot even describe what happened but know I want to reproduce this feeling asap. I felt this energy coming up, getting stronger, stronger and BOOM. Crazy and so beautiful. During the first practice I had to giggle and laugh out loud ( you could hear it in the entire place 😉 ) as this is what I do when I’m nervous, but when things got serious and we started the meditation it was even more intense and I gave in for the entire 45 min meditation.

I surrendered.

I’d love to see what I did with my head during each meditation as I know it tilted back and to the sides, it feels like I got a “meditation whiplash”, my neck still hurts a little 🙂

Well, I still got this bliss feeling and I guess most of us attendees left as a changed person, more clear about our intentions and what is holding us (in the) back, what we need to resolve to reach the future we want to create.

We did the same kind of technique again in the afternoon of day 2 but I got so dizzy and I believe scared as my heart beat went crazy  that I had to stop and calm down for a bit while everyone around me was sobbing. I think we meditated that day  about 4 hours so it’s completely fine that I didn’t reach that intensity level in the afternoon again, considered I’m a total newbie. I will go on and practice, practice, practice. Not only do I understand the mind-body connection better now, I actually felt it. I can’t wait for tonight’s meditation and will create my own little meditation space after I finish writing this post.

All I feel right now is gratitude and even more love for life (is this even possible?! 😉 ) , thank you for this eye and soul opening experience Dr. Joe and team and a heartfelt special thanks to you Wim, my last row gang meditation buddy, thanks for your support, I hope to see you soon interdimensional genius!



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