suboptimal MRI result

Thank you for thinking of me yesterday.

As you might know, my MRI wasn’t as great as I actually feel these days, I got one bright and active new lesion on the right side of my brain (first one in 2 years) and should feel symptoms in my left hand as this is the area responsible for it – but I don’t, it’s all same old same old as I’m also a leftie so I would have noticed. That lesion must have developed very shortly before they took my MRI pics on September 12.

Possibly also suffering from optic neuritis and waiting for 2 appointments to find out what causes my left eye issues and non-stop light headaches I experienced the past 4 weeks. I’m one of the MS patients who never experienced optic neuritis before, that’s why I never thought of that option.Boo, fingers crossed!

Today a quick video message as I don’t feel like typing.

Bad hair day and no make-up but it’s a cave/ hermit kind of day so it’s all fine 🙂 .


4 thoughts on “suboptimal MRI result

  1. Sorry to Hear it did not work out THE way you planned. But you remain amazing with loads of ms patients as well as a lot of people without ms, following your path and how superb you do. Maybe a temporary cure would be to fall in love. It won’t remove ms but makes you feel for a while like a millions bucks. ;). Thinking of you. Big hugs.

  2. I have the exact same issues optic neuritis as well with stabbing pain in head lights and sounds hurt. Please try the Botox injections they are covered through insurance due to the chronic head pain & multiple sclerosis. You go every 91 days (insurance thing) I’ll tell you at first it’s awesome but it doesn’t last 91 days after 6 visits thus far they are lasting longer and longer. It’s a great feeling! However the light disturbance never goes away night driving is specially painful and I look away. I hope u will consider the injections they are worth it. I wish you all the best. Sincerely, Jodie
    Thank you for following me on twitter. I’m a little lonely and new to twitter but I needed something to help keep my mind going.

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