Ice ice baby

Yes, you might think I’m weird but I LOVE the cold. My body feels pretty much “normal” in the cold and my mind is super sharp. Even more so after my first Wim Hof workshop where I learned the basic breathing and meditation exercises to relax and stay calm during the cold exposure aka ice bath.

Let it go, let it goooo…yes, I truly felt like Elsa and couldn’t stop smiling in that bath 🙂

There’re so many benefits associated with cold exposure, it decreases inflammation, enhances nervous system health, strengthens your immune and cardio vascular system, makes you sleep better and can help you drop a few pounds, just to name a few. Not too bad for a bit of cold exposure each day, is it? It sounds crazy but Wim can actually control his own immune system and there are currently studies going on to prove it will help ( psst…maybe even halt/ cure) autoimmune disease. Considered all these facts I’m more than happy to finish my morning showers with a minute or two of cold water, this is an ongoing self-experiment.

I actually felt so good, healthy and happy after my first ice bath/ cold showers that I decided to push my limits a bit further and try out a whole body cryotherapy session at FreezLab a few days later. At FreezLab, you walk into a cabin that looks a bit like a traditional steam room BUT the temperature is -111  C/ -168 F, wohoo. I loved it, especially the background music inside the cold cabin as they played Kool & The Gang “She’s so fresh” , perfect! Thanks to a bit of dancing the 3 min went by in no time and I must say, -111C of dry cold felt less cold than ice water. I’ll definitely return for more sessions.

I also did my first “urban test hike” with a heavy backpack, 8km with a 7-8kg load in torrential rain and I already learned a few things. The most important lesson learned -NEVER, never try to squat over a public toilet with a heavy load on your back, just don’t 😉  Hopefully I’ll have some quiet time next week to get my “real” 30-40l expedition backpack to practise with.

Blog ice ice baby

It was a bit (understatement)  of a hectic week and I felt totally overwhelmed as so much is going on right now and needs to be planned. It was that bad that I forgot to boil the water for my oatmeal on Friday morning and wondered why it was cold so I decided to have another hot coffee but I forgot to place a cup under the machine….brain chaos, time for an EMERGENCY break so I spent the entire weekend home in “hermit mode” to calm down, relax and make plans and to do lists. I just need a daily structure in my life as my attention span is like 5 seconds or I’ll end up doing all kind of things but the ones I should do, especially now that I’ll start with the physical training for Mont Blanc and that means I’ll be working out almost every day.

This will most likely be my fittest year ever and I’m so grateful to be part of this adventure and hopefully raise more than enough funds for Study Y as it’s very close to my heart.

Wishing you all a good week ahead, x



“When we embrace the cold, this is when magic happens.”

– Wim Hof



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