video review: My ayahuasca experiences

…to the ones who keep asking me about what actually happened during my three ayahuasca ceremonies with the Shipibo- Conibo shamans in the Peruvian Amazon – please check the video section of my  Stumbling Princess Facebook page or use the links below.

Again, it’s hard to find words for such an extraordinary, terrifying but at the same time amazing experience.  I tried my very best while recording these videos  🙂

You might need to use a headphone as for some reason the sound is not very good in these Facebook live videos I made a few weeks ago and they turned out longer than anticipated – but only give a tiny tiny glimpse into my experiences and healing ❤

Still busy with my “healing homework” but already brushing up on my Spanish ( especially the sentence “tengo tanto miedo” as this is how I felt each time)  and researching for another, most likely one MONTH long sacred plant medicine and/ or “master plant” diet retreat. Kind of funny as after my third ceremony I said I’ll never ever do anything like this again –  but all the fear is nothing compared to the insights I got and make use of on a daily basis.

1. Ayawhaaaat?!?! Quick introduction and my very first ayahuasca ceremony

2. Self Love and Forgiveness – my second ayahuasca ceremony

3. Surrender ( or you’re in for a hard, hard time  ) 

Enjoy! x

…and as @trueyouhealing said

“You can consume all the kale, ginger and turmeric in the world

but if you don’t face all the emotional s**t you’ve been stuffing down for years, something will always be missing.”





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