Iyengar yoga workshop with Garth McLean



Can you tell I had a good time? 🙂

What is Iyengar yoga?

Iyengar yoga ( developed by B.K:S. Iyengar) is a form of Hatha yoga. If you’re looking to raise your heartbeat during a yoga class – this is not the one for you. It’s all about the details and precise alignment and breath control, you’ll stay for several minutes in one asana ( posture) mostly giving you a really good, very deep stretch.

Mobility, strengths, flexibility – that’s what it’s all about.

For us living with MS it’s very important to stay active but also to calm down our central nervous system in order to  feel comfortable in our bodies.

Iyengar yoga makes use of a lot of props if necessary to make sure EVERYONE can practice and benefit from the session, no matter how much you’re (still) able to do by yourself. I’ve seen it during the workshop, it’s unbelievable and the feedback was fantastic.

If you’re thinking about trying out Iyengar yoga and you have any kind of disease or disability, please make sure the studio also offers medical/ therapy classes as they’ll have special teachers ( it takes many years to become a medical Iyengar teacher)  who know how to support you and your needs best.

Thank you Garth, Hidde, iYoga team and all supportive teachers for this great workshop, I’ll be back next year!




Iyengar Yoga Workshop with Garth McLean

As you might know by now, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason, the good and the bad. Lately, so many things seem to fall in place and make a bit more sense, it’s almost scary.

One of these things is… yoga. Yes.
I started Iyengar yoga at the end of September as a restorative exercise to compliment my personal trainer/ weight-training self-experiment ( that’s why I’ve been so quiet, made even more drastic changes to my life and focused 100% on it ). I’ve heard of Iyengar yoga before as it’s highly recommended for MS patients. If required, it uses quite a lot of props so every patient can benefit, no matter how mobile or flexibel you are. But I wanted to know more about it, wanted to know why it’s so beneficial, googled and came across Garth McLean, a very inspiring, LA based Iyengar yoga instructor living with MS – just like me, he only really started to practise yoga after his MS diagnosis in 1996. I visited his website and checked the workshop section just to find out he’ll be in Europe for a series of workshops this fall and guess what – one weekend workshop listed was not so far away, in the pretty city of Utrecht ( 20 min train ride). What a coincidence, crazy!  Of course, I signed up right away ( although, I wouldn’t mind a trip to LA for a yoga workshop 😉 ) and today is THE day, the first out of three 2h workshops with Garth is tonight, yay! I’m so curious what I’ll learn! Plus I’ve never been to a real Iyengar yoga studio with all its ropes, chairs, etc. as I practise in my gym with the usual props. So excited to meet Garth, Hiske and the lovely team at iYoga and all the other participants as I heard there are a few, if not all, also living with MS.

Time to clean my yoga mat and prepare for the weekend as this is quite a routine breaker which means I need to be super organised or I’ll forget essential stuff like food 🙂

Will let you know how it went, check out Garths’ inspiring story and how he beats MS with yoga only

I especially love what he was told by Iyengar himself, so true!

“Everyday you must walk that line between COURAGE and CAUTION.”

“Work slowly and exercise patience.”

BKS Iyengar