I’m baaaack – and in one piece. Or not, as I actually feel like a new me. Nothing has changed – but at the same time everything has changed in my world.

I definitely got shattered into a thousand pieces during my second ayahuasca ceremony  but now I know there are at least a dozen “(new) mes”  I wasn’t aware of, can you tell the difference ? 🙂

What can I say?

WOW. Peru blew me away! I wonder why it wasn’t  on my travel radar before as it is without question one ( if not THE)  the most breathtaking country I’ve been to. We travelled from the desert to the Amazon, then to the Andes and back to the desert. Peru offers such a diversity and that also shows in their cuisine ( well, I’m a foodie after all 😉 ) , most of our “superfoods” like quinoa, maca and  lucuma  originate there and it was easy to find meals that fit into our diets. Strolling over the markets and trying local dishes, fruits and veggies I never heard of and, last but not least, some of the 3000 (!!!) varieties of potatoes and 3500 (!!!!!!)  varieties of corn was definitely another highlight.

It was also the first holiday I was kind of always surrounded by puking people, during the ayahuasca ceremonies, on the tiny bumpy Cesna flight over the Nazca lines and even up in the Andes, left and right along the trail, as quite a few fellow hikers developed high altitude disease. “Pukidays” and that’s completely fine, we humans get used to everything 🙂

I didn’t know what to expect of this “healing through adventure trip” as it was all “firsts” and I had nothing to compare it to  – first time ayahuasca, first time Inca Trail, first time at a very high altitude for more than a week, first time I skipped my  evening dose of Tecfidera ( my MS drug)  on ceremony days, first time I was away from Ruby for almost 4 weeks – and the first real holiday with Mr. X, starting it right off with a rather  extreme and unusual one.

I’m back home for almost 2 weeks now and am still processing  all my impressions and new insights 24/7, integrating what I’ve learned and I’m lost for words  what has happened to me, especially in the Amazon. Going to the ayahuasca retreat was the BEST decision I’ve made in my life. It was also the scariest experience I’ve had so far but at the same time so so healing and LOVING. That loooove… There are no words to describe it, that’s why I decided not to try and write down my ayahuasca experiences, I want to  actually vlog ( video blog ) about it as I need to use my entire body language and sounds just to give you a tiny, tiny glimpse how working with this sacred plant medicine felt to me and what has changed in my life since .

Some of you might think I’ve lost it completely now but I know for a few others it makes perfect sense to travel to the Amazon for this very reason, to work with this medicine  – I even have a rather new Instagram follower who already signed up for an ayahuasca retreat in June and I wish her as much healing and love as I experienced ❤

Other highlights of this trip included Cusco, so full of history ( and fantastic (vegan/ vegetarian) restaurants ) ,  all those (pre) Inca ruins and the Inca Trail – completely fell in love with the Andes! That dramatic mountain scenery, all in bloom as it was the end of the rainy season ( luckily it only rained at night, 9 PM – 9 AM) and the hike itself  impressed me even more than our actual goal, the Machu Picchu. Luckily I didn’t have any issues with the high altitude ( Cusco sits on 3400m/ 11.150ft and parts of the Inca Trail even on 4215m/ 13.828ft) except that everything costs way more energy.

To be honest – the Inca Trail was actually a bit harder than expected as only about 2km of it’s 42km length are an actual path ( that’s really how it feels) , the other 40km are stairs, very steep and with (extremely)  high steps, up and down, up and down, that are very slippery, especially in the morning and required maximum concentration. I had a bit of a tough time on the the second day as our team decided to skip the usual camp and push on over yet another pass ( after making it over the “dead Woman’s Pass” with an altitude of 4215m in the morning – thanks to a small bottle of Coca-Cola and a pack of Skittles that gave me some much needed extra energy)   but more on that soon. I’ll never forget the faces of the other teams as we left that camp in the afternoon, lol. The second pass that day was definitely worse but we had the entire trail for ourselves.

We also spent a night at the Skylodge, sleeping in a glass pod suspended to the rock wall 400m above the magical Sacred Valley. BEST night’s rest I had on that trip, slept like a baby after a 2h vertical via ferret climb to get up there 🙂

The flight over the Nasca lines summed up the trip perfectly – wonderful, mind-blowing, mysterious – plus feeling a little nauseous 😉 .  I  found out I’m definitely NOT made to fly in tiny 4 pax Cesnas, I really didn’t enjoy the last 10 mins of that flight and only focused on the horizon, I couldn’t care less about the last 2-3 figures.

Mr. X had the BEST time during each ayahuasca ceremony ( I basically ONLY had scary/ uncomfortable ones, lol) but he also meditates/ works on himself already more than a decade. He doesn’t like ( to be on) social media and I totally respect that – so in case some are wondering why there’re no pictures of him or us together, that’s why. I didn’t leave him behind in the Amazon or on a mountain top 🙂  Going on such an extreme trip after only being together for 6 months is definitely a make or brake and I can say this was a 10000% MAKE.

Ruby also survived the almost 4 weeks without me and is secretly missing her sitter ( and vice versa) and all the other dogs. It was a win – win – win situation and I try to record some videos this and next week.