Happy & healthy 2018!


Happy and Healthy(tier) New Year to you!

A little late as my MacBook decided to give me the “blue” screen and stopped working a few days ago so here’s a short 2017 review via my phone.

I celebrated New Year’s Eve in one of my favourite cities, Istanbul, trip #4 in December after a short visit to Athens and Vilnius to tell my MS story followed by a trip “home” to my mum in Germany. Busy times!

Now I finally got some quiet time to reflect on 2017, one of the most intense & best years of my life so far and I already have a plan in place to make 2018 even more spectacular and healing 😉

I’m thankful for the experience I gained as team member of Mission Summit and our attempt to climb Mont Blanc as the first MS team. If you follow me on Social Media you already know that we had to return after a night at the Tete Rousse hut ( 3167m) because of severe weather. As I trained months for this event I was somewhat disappointed but also know all the hard training paid off. I’m definitely getting fitter the older I get 😉 I also had a small emotional breakdown climbing up to that last hut as I remembered where I’ve been on this very day 5 years ago – in neurological rehab, sleeping 18 hours a day and most likely doing water gymnastics with a right arm that didn’t cooperate – well, I could not even hold my cutlery and there I was, climbing the highest mountain in the Alps. CRAZY! I learned so much about my body during that time, especially that I can really push way harder than I thought.

Mission Summit is planning another expedition in November 2018 – this time to climb one of the “7 Summit”, Mount Kilimanjaro – and of course I’m thinking about joining, it’s great to have a goal to train for  😉

The intense summer didn’t end there – shortly after I returned from the expedition it turned out that I have a bit of skin cancer  ( the “old people” kind, a basal cell carcinoma) on my collar bone. Bummer, but life goes on and it was luckily nothing dramatic.

My surgery was scheduled right after my yearly MRI that turned out to be fabulous – stable, no new lesions and last years “surprise lesion” was hardly to see so I think I’m on the right track with my DMD  and my mix of meditation, breath work, sound journeys, exercise, diet, supplements and so on paid off.

The mini surgery was quick and easy, the only real downside was that I couldn’t  do CrossFit or heavy weight lifting for a while. Stubborn as I am, I tried  ( of course 😉) and ripped each time a few stitches so in the end it took about 6 weeks until the scar healed a bit.

For the first 3 months of 2018 I got already a full plan in place as I need to train and prepare for my next “project” that will be both, a healing and adventure trip to Peru 🙌

Quick preview below and more to come in the next weeks but I can tell you already it’s going to be epic one way or another ( and for some a bit too extreme 😂 ).

I’m always busy making memories and this trip combines a few things I really, really wanted to try and do for many years.

As they say, all we have is NOW…


Self-experiment #1/ 2015: jam-packed week of social activities

“Age wrinkles the body; quitting wrinkles the soul.”
― Douglas MacArthur


I’m my own guinea pig – stay tuned for my first self-experiment of the year, a jam-packed week of social activities. 5 days down, 2 more to go. If you suffer from a chronic illness you understand how hard it is to keep up a social life…let’s see how I’ll feel Wednesday morning 🙂 Pushing my boundaries big time but not going to quit on my experiment.

Quitting is for quitters only. Don’t you ever give up on yourself!




  • Wednesday: Dinner with D&P and baby L
  • Thursday:     Museum, drinks and sushi with O
  • Friday:           Indian Dinner (and drinks again) with J
  • Saturday:      Drinks and Chinese Dinner with S
  • Sunday:         Comedy Club with A, I, A, N
  • Monday:       Dinner and cocktails with T
  • Tuesday:       Coffee (and later on one wine ;)) with R

Thank you all for getting me out of the house and making this experiment possible!



This is more or less what my old, pre-MS life looked like. Work hard, play harder.

First of all – it didn’t stop after the week as I even added a second week after I felt so lonely on my first evening home alone, that’s why I only post it now 😉

It felt really good to be out of the house and catch up plus meet new people along the way, it made me realise how much I missed it the past 2 years. Of course, I was super exhausted and fatigue hit me hard, but something to look forward to in the evenings made me push through it. I’m very happy that things worked out well and I didn’t need to cancel one appointment but definitely need to improve my organisation skills  as the fridge doesn’t fill itself nor does the laundry find its way into the washing machine 😉

I feel like going out again, I’m definitely on a roll! Watch out Amsterdam!